Learning About My Feelings Hardcover

Learning About My Feelings Hardcover

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Learning About My Feelings

Learning About My Feelings is a resource that focuses on the 10 core emotions often expressed by children. This book introduces feelings in three ways. 

  1. Visually: Showing the emotion. 
  2. Explains: Providing an easy-to-follow meaning of the emotion. 
  3. Demonstrate: Gives a scenario.

This go-to starter illustration book encourages children to explore their feelings. They are also able to notice the subtle sensations associated with each emotion, all while helping them identify how to regulate their response.  Learning About My Feelings gives confidence to your children by having the correct emotional and social skillsets required to develop meaningful and lasting relationships.

Learning About My Feelings reviews these 10 core emotions: Excited, Sad, Anxious, Ashamed, Embarrassed, Frustrated, Afraid, Sneaky, Mad, Happy

This is the perfect purchase because...

  • You work in a classroom, therapy room, or home setting
  • You need a way to teach children about feelings that can easily be incorporated into your already existing curriculum
  • You are looking for creative ways to keep your children engaged
  •  You understand the importance of social and emotional skills during the early years of development

You can also use this product to encourage independent work with children. This book gives young readers a sense of independence and achievement when gaining an understanding of their feelings when reading alone.