Emotion Flash Cards (With Words)

Emotion Flash Cards (With Words)

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Emotion Flash Cards (With Words)

It can initially be difficult for children to reveal their thoughts around topics such as confident, hurt, shy and so on!

 The Emotion Flash Cards (With Words) are the perfect prompt to stimulate conversations with children about their feelings and thoughts around the 20 advanced emotions illustrated in our Learning More About My Feelings book.

When you purchase these cards, you will receive 20 cards that measure to be 5" 7" in size. Each card contains an illustrated photo that expresses the 20 advanced emotions in a way that represents multiple ethnic backgrounds. Each card also includes the emotion name.

The 20 advance emotions demonstrated in these cards areJealous, Disappointed, Playful, Brave, Confident, Hurt, Shy, Proud, Focused, Confused, Ignored, Calm, Rejected, Overwhelmed, Ugh, Irritated, Hopeless, Curious, Bored, Chill


The Emotion Flash Cards (With Words)  provide visual cues associated that are used to help children improve the processing of these emotions. This process ultimately enhances the learning and retention of each individual emotion.

Allowing your children to have the ability to express themselves as they grow into their teenage years is a no-brainer. And, you can do that when using the Emotion Flash Cards (With Words).

This is the perfect purchase because...

  • You are looking for a resource that can become an icebreaker or therapeutic tool in regards to the introduction of feelings
  • You work in a classroom, therapy room, or home setting
  •  You need a way to teach children about feelings that can easily be incorporated into your already existing curriculum
  • You are looking for creative ways to keep your children engaged
  • You understand the importance of social and emotional skills during the early years of development
The Focus on Feelings: Emotion Flash Cards (With Words) pairs perfectly with any of our other Focus On Feelings products or can stand alone!