Amir's Brave Adventure Book (Soft copy)
Amir's Brave Adventure Book (Soft copy)

Amir's Brave Adventure Book (Soft copy)

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Amir’s Brave Adventure is a story designed to help children overcome fear and anxiety while learning about trust, mindfulness, and connection. The story is of Amir, a leopard cub who is different from the other cubs and worries that he does not fit in. He has a lot of fears. His fears prevent him from earning his leopard spots. It’s not until his friend Zola encourages him to trust her and venture out of his comfort zone to be brave and face his fears that he starts the journey of overcoming fear and anxiety. 

This book provides multi-sensory elements such as imagination, touch, sound, visual, and mindfulness that allow the child to hear Amir’s journey and feel his journey through an innovative approach called Kinesthetic Storytelling®. 

The interactive elements offer an opportunity to increase adult and child attachment.

This book includes information and activities focused on: 
Identifying Anxiety 
Developing coping skills 
Building confidence 
Being brave

“Bravo to Carmen Jimenez-Pride for writing this outstanding sweet healing story that teaches children how to overcome their fears while growing ways to calm and build confidence through mindfulness techniques skillfully embedded within the storyline. I highly recommend this heartfelt book for any child therapist’s playroom bookshelf toolkit. Parents will also find this a valuable resource for their children, and like the main character, Amir, kids can learn to say, “I am calm, I am confident, I am brave!”                       

Janet A. Courtney, PhD, Founder FirstPlay® Therapy